Common Questions


How does shared solar work?
Together Solar will build and operate a solar farm, sending electricity to the local grid.  The utility measures the amount of energy that the solar farm produces, and Together Solar tells the utility what share of the solar production should be credited to your utility account. In turn, the utility will credit your utility bill for the electricity that was generated on your behalf. Together Solar will then bill you separately for the power generated.  We only bill you for the power generated, and your price per kWh is fixed.
Why the name "Together Solar"
For too long, the benefits of solar energy have been enjoyed by a few—primarily homeowners with non-shaded, well-situated roofs.  We believe that Solar is something that everyone should benefit from, together, regardless of whether they rent or own. Not only do you no longer need to own a home to enjoy the benefits of solar power, but every time we sign a new customer we will donate toward a solar project or critical infrastructure project in a community that needs it.
How much energy will I get from Together Solar?
This depends on the size of the array that you sign up for. Together Solar can customize your array size, from 2 kW to 30 kW, in increments of 0.5 kW.  Our sales consultant will provide you with a customized recommendation for the system size that fits your usage profile, based upon your utility bills over the last year.  We limit your amount of solar generated to about 90% of your total yearly electric bill.  We do this to help you from getting a system that is too large for your electric needs (which would result in the production of credits that you cannot use).
What happens if I move?
One more great thing about Together Solar is that if you move, the credits generated by the solar farm move with you, as long as you move within the same utility area and load zone, which most people will. If you move outside that area, you can transfer your community solar agreement to a friend, neighbor, family member, or anybody else in the same area that meets the same eligibility criteria that you met, or if Together Solar has customers on a waiting list for the facility, we may offer your share of the solar farm capacity to the customers on the waiting list.
Where does the energy come from?
Together Solar wants to expand access to solar to customers everywhere, and we will be building solar arrays across the country. Your power will come from an array that is in the same utility area as you.


How many bills will I receive?
You will receive two bills every month. One from your utility (your normal electric bill) including a credit for the energy that was generated by Together Solar on your behalf, and one from Together Solar for that energy.
When will I start to see benefits?
As soon as we have a solar farm up and running in your area, and no more than two years after you sign your contract. Your payments do not begin until the solar farm begins to produce energy on your behalf.
How much will I save?
You could save up to 10% or more on the power produced on your behalf, when compared to the average blended winter/summer utility rates in your area.  Because the utility rates in your area may change in the future, savings may vary and cannot be guaranteed. Most of our customers see their utility bills increase steadily over the years and like the ability to “lock in” their energy cost per kWh with Together Solar.
Will utility prices increase?
We can’t predict the future. However, according to information from the US Energy Information Analysis office, residential customers in New England have seen an average increase in electricity prices of 4% over the last 10 years.  Together Solar customers benefit by “locking in” their cost per kWh with solar production.
What happens after my agreement expires?
We hope that after your agreement expires you will want to continue to enjoy the benefits of Together Solar. Assuming that Together Solar is successful in renewing the land lease on the solar farm after the initial term, you will get the first opportunity to sign up for an additional term.

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