Solar for cities

We build and maintain solar array systems on commercial rooftops in select cities. You pick how you would like to monetize your roof with solar panels.

Commercial Rooftop Solar

Pick your partnership program

We offer several different programs in order to install solar panels on your commercial roof

Build solar array

We develop customized no-fee proposal and site analysis then install a new solar array

See Savings

Depending on which program you choose, in 3-6 months when your array is installed, you will begin to see your compensation

Solarize and monetize your commercial roof

We have three solutions, and can help you choose which one suits your situation the best.

No-Hassle Installation

Together Solar will install a solar array on your roof, and not charge you a dime. Nothing. All you have to do is allow us to keep it in good working order, and allow us to keep the system on your roof for at least 15 years.

Sunshine and Savings

Not only will Together Solar install a system on your rooftop free of charge, we will maintain that solar array diligently for the period of our agreement.

Preserve your Roof Warranty

Together Solar will work closely with the roofing company that you have contracted with, and will make sure that the installation of the solar array will not impact your roof warranty one iota.

Solar done correctly

Together Solar only employs fully licensed, bonded and insured solar installers that are NABCEP qualified.


Together Solar is actively looking for property roofs in the following markets:

Washington, DC

The nation’s capital is one of the best places for solar energy in the country. If you’re
there, and you have a roof or you are looking to increase your revenue, we should talk.

Boston, MA

Coming Soon

Ready to go solar?

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